Who I Am

I am a Software Engineer, Photographer, and Graphic Designer who enjoys putting things together in interesting ways. My goal on every project is to make the design intuitive and familiar, while incorporating my own unique flair.

My spare time is spent listening to music, watching movies, and learning about how to be better at what I do. And be less bad at things I suck at :) There's a lot to do and learn in the world and I'm working on experiencing as much as possible, one day at a time.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for any software or photography related collaborations.


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Murad Khan

Web-developer, Programmer, and Graphic Designer


Sound Remedy

Sound Remedy

A machine-learning based app that provides a list of playlist custom tailored for the user's mood. The mood is determined based on features extracted from the user's voice and content of speech.

Built using Python, Keras + Tensorflow, Flask, and Nginx

Task Manager

Task Manager

A task management app that supports CRUD operations on tasks, drag and drop functionality, a simple + intuitive use interface, and user authentication.

Built using React, GraphQL, Golang, Typescript, and REST



A single-page React app that allows user to transform photos of their choice using various photo transformers. Various sorting algorithms are implemented to sort the photo pixels.

Built using React, React Router, and Service Workers

Book Trading App

Book Trading

A book trading SPA where users can log-in and connect with other users to find books they want. Users can submit trade for books they want or look for other users with the book they want.

Built using Angular, Express, MongoDB, and Node.js

Coding Blog


A custom build blog site where I write about various technologies incuding AWS, JavaScript, Python, and machine learning.

Built using Node.js, React, Redux, Express, and Contentful

Autocamp Project


Chrome extension that auto-plays albums off of BandCamp and offers the functionality of a minimal music player

Built using React, Babel, and JSX

Raspberry Pi

Pi Motion

A Raspberry Pi projects that captures a photo at a specified interval and uploads the image to Google Drive if motion is detected.

Functions off of Node.js



A sample of my photography that I have collected throughout my travels.


Pixel Sorting

Conway's Game of Life

Image Recreation

2-D Harmonic Motion

Random Perlin Noise Art

Javascript Calculator

Simon Says